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The outdoor space that your child can enjoy is just part of the nursery care that we offer. Freshly cooked meals, age appropriate rooms and highly qualified staff all give them the very best start, as they set out on their exciting journey through life.

Giving the opportunity to explore the world

Whether they are running around getting the physical exercise that they need, or exploring nature and wonders of the world around them, your child is learning through constructive play, learning not just about the world but about themselves and their own abilities.


Keeping your child safe is a huge responsibility, one that we take very seriously. Each of the nursery rooms has outdoor access that is safe, secure and appropriate to the needs of the children, giving you confidence that your child is getting the fresh air and learning opportunities that they need.

•  Safe and secure outdoor space

•  Outdoor learning made fun

•  Helping your child to develop happily

   and healthily

•  Age appropriate area

•  High staff to child ratio

•  Qualified supervision at all times

•  Excellent OFSTED report

Helping your child to grow and thrive

Outdoor learning - just part of the bigger picture

Choose the nursery that offers outdoor learning as part of a well balanced education.

Giving your child the care that they need is important, and the right care is a combination of factors. Our outdoor area is an extra element that enhances your child's nursery experience.

Outdoor space that allows your child to enjoy being a child

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